Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for acceptance of Advertisements

Terms and Conditions for acceptance of Advertisements with Ulverston Now Limited:

Registered address:

Ulverston Now Limited,
2 Imperial House,
Main St, Grange-over-sands,
Cumbria, LA11 6DP

01229 49 0000    

Company registration number: 09890622

VAT number: n/a

Your order is accepted according to the particulars given and subject to the conditions below.

  1. Copyright. Ulverston Now Ltd. retains the copyright for all adverts designed by us. They may not be used elsewhere without our written permission.
  2. Positions: Special positions are only given if agreed by Ulverston Now Ltd. and may incur an additional charge.
  3. Corrections: Ulverston Now Ltd. cannot be held responsible for alterations or corrections to proofs if returned after the specified date/deadline
  4. Cancellations and transfers can only be accepted in writing and only if received before the space booking deadline.
  5. Rates on series. Booked adverts may be increased subject to written notice.
  6. Artwork and photographic materials are held and used at the owner’s risk. Unless otherwise arranged,Ulverston Now Ltd. reserves the right to dispose of them if not collected within 6 months.
  7. Payment. Invoices are raised on approval of proof, and payment is due within 7 days, and PRIOR to publication. Please note that we make a 2.5% late payment charge at 10 days overdue and an additional 2.5% every additional 10 days thereafter. We don’t want to do that but we can’t produce and deliver the paper if we don’t meet our costs. All our income is from paid for adverts as we produce and deliver the paper for free.
  8. Ulverston Now Ltd. reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement without reason or notice (returning any money paid), also to make corrections and contractions in copy submitted to suit the style and subject matter of the publication, also to alter or postpone the publication date, for whatever reason.
  9. Ulverston Now Ltd. is not responsible for any loss occasioned as a result of delay or failure to publish any issue, and where any such issue is not published, the Advertiser must pay at the stipulated rate for all series advertisements which have in fact been published.
  10. The Advertiser must indemnify Ulverston Now Ltd. against any claim and costs in respect of defamation, obscenity, misrepresentation or libel, or any claims arising from advertisements or editorials submitted.
  11. No responsibility is taken for the accuracy of copy not given in writing to Ulverston Now Ltd.
  12. These conditions replace any terms and conditions of the advertiser at all times.
  13. Law. The performance of the contract shall be governed by English Law.