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Ulverston Now Issue 18 Edition

To be or not to be, that is the question.
This can apply to a youngster stepping forward to excel in school sports, a member of the community helping someone else or indeed taking the decision to join a voluntary organisation like the mountain rescue, scouts, guides, helping with sports, community transport or in fact a huge range of other activities. Hopefully in this issue you will read about many Ulverston locals getting stuck in to helping those around them. Hats off to you all; I am sure there are many who never appear in any paper, but just quietly get on with it.

Papers like Ulverston Now survive by the inclusion of paid adverts and we rarely miss an opportunity to accept one. It cannot however be at the expense of fair and equal opinion and it us unacceptable that we would ever take sides on any issue.

Our job is to provide good quality community news and we are committed to it. So...
Do you have an event to share? Let us know and we will include it in the new super duper (is that a word) what’s on section being launched next issue. Deadline 16th February.

Pub events, school musicals, sports meets and local classes or community meet ups. Whatever it is, if you are the organiser and wish to get the word out to every single house and business in Ulverston then get in touch.

We can hardly wait to get stuck into this year - a time full of fun, festivals, events, local news and being busy with reporting everything from in and around Ulverston on a monthly basis.

Thank you to the great team who make this news magazine arrive on your doormat - Helen, Tom, Pip, James, Dave and Glenn.

What a privilege!


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