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UN26 Edition

A big thank you to all those who have supported
and contributed to Ulverston Now this year, in
particular Helen, Tom and Liz who bring the paper
As you will see in this issue, there is a huge amount
going on in the town - just look at the Coro events on
the opposite page for starters.
In 2019 we are introducing a letters page so if you
have a valid point to make which contributes to the
community then why not send it in up to 200 words or
so. Ulverston Now is a great place to have your say as it
goes to every letterbox in the town.
Take a look back in time to ‘The ghost of Christmas
dinners past’ on pages 22 and 23 - mince pies made
from cows tongue anyone. Another article for historians
appears on page 32, as we take a look at the last boat
to be built in Ulverston.
More controversial topics appear in this issue too, as
we report on the A590 and the issues surrounding
a bypass. Meanwhile on page 9, read the latest on
discussions surrounding the Kirkby Moor wind farm
Thanks to the advertisers who support the paper - did
you know Ulverston Now goes to every house in the
town! So by advertising in Ulverston Now, not only are
you supporting community groups and local news, but
also going to far more homes in Ulverston than any
other newspaper.*
Relevant local news combined with 100% coverage
means there is no better place to advertise your

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