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Ulverston Now UN25

Ulverston Now UN25 Edition

Most readers will know that this year sees a very
special Remembrance Sunday on 11th November,
as we will be commemorating the 100th anniversary
of Armistice Day. On pages 18 and 19 of this
issue, we explore local connections to that time
and highlight some of the upcoming events and
exhibitions due to take place over the next couple
of weeks. In particular you might want to make
a note in your diary for the Sunday afternoon
parade service and laying of the wreaths at the war
It is almost 3 years ago since we started Ulverston Now,
and I remember worrying about how we would fill all
that space. Now here we are 25 issues later, struggling
to squeeze everything in! I think that suggests we have
a very vibrant and active local community, with a lot
going on. Not least the Cumbria in Bloom group who
have helped steer Ulverston towards a Gold award -
well done to all involved (more on page 4).

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