Sore Feet Will Be Worth It

The mighty Keswick to Barrow Challenge and its strenuous sister, Coniston to Barrow, on 12th May will see thousands of locals risking blisters to raise money for worthy causes. It’s difficult to single out individuals and groups, but among the hardy souls who run the entire 40 mile K2B is Tim Balchin, taking part for the Croft Care Trust which supports people with learning difficulties. Ulverston Mind, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, once more puts a team in the C2B, as does Wilton’s Warriors from Vera Wilton’s Optometrists in Dalton. For the past 18 years Mrs Vera Wilton, the original owner, has worked tirelessly for Vision Aid Overseas. Their mission is to provide affordable eyecare and glasses for people living in poverty in the developing countries of Africa. Mrs Wilton has travelled annually, giving up her time and expertise to move towards this cause, whose motto is “No-one lives in poverty because of poor eyesight, no-one lives with poor eyesight because of poverty”

You can still support this charity by contacting Gail on 01229463169 or calling in the practice at 80 Market Street, Dalton-in Furness.

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