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Although Ulverston station received a star in Simon Jenkin’s recent book, “Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations”, and the restored former water tower looks great, there’s no doubt that recently the station has seen better days, with water pouring in and a Hanging Gardens of Babylon look developing. However, the Cumbria Community Rail partnership and the new Station Adoption Group for Ulverston are working with Northern Rail and Network Rail to address concerns about the station.  

The good news is that when Ulverston Now popped by the station, a crew from Network Rail were starting a clean-up. They explained that they can only work when trains aren’t running, and that access panels to the roof need to be installed. Cancelled trains and historic rolling stock are also features of a service which is vital for businesses in Ulverston, Barrow and up the “Energy Coast”.  As part of the franchise for the Furness Line, Northern Rail is having to invest in new rolling stock and improved services, and these should appear during the next two years. The  Community Partnership,  MP’s for Cumbria, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, the Furness Economic Development Forum, local councils, Cumbria Tourism and many other concerned groups are keeping an eye on whether this franchise agreement is being fulfilled, and are determined to continue pressing for improvements.

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