MP John Woodcock

Letter to the Editor...

MORE than 7,000 people have now signed a petition to Save Ulverston Post Office – an incredible show of support.

In January post office bosses said the Ulverston operation in County Square would have to find a franchising partner or be shut down, putting seven jobs at risk.

I subsequently met with post office representatives in Westminster who were unable to give me an undertaking that the main office would stay open and services would be preserved.

I then asked campaigners to keep the pressure up and the response has been magnificent.

In particular I would like to thank Malcolm Tyson of Ulverston who has been personally responsible for gathering hundreds of signatures.

A series of events supporting the campaign will be taking place in the town during the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on the local media and my Facebook page for details.

The closure of the Ulverston branches of the HSBC bank and the NatWest only serves to underline the importance of saving the town’s main post office, so thanks for all your support.



John Woodcock MP

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