Letter to the Editor Peter Howlett of Ulverston Green Party

Peter Howlett of Ulverston Green Party has sent the following letter in support of the extension of the life of the Kirkby Moor Wind Farm. What do other readers think?

Kirkby Moor Wind Farm

Are we alone in seeing wind turbines as things of beauty.  Why is it that so many pieces we read in the media are of such a negative nature? And here we are again with the arguments over the extension of the life of the turbines on Kirkby Moor.

These fantastic machines have been spinning merrily away for 25 years now producing pollution free and totally sustainable power throughout that time. After objections to their replacement with a smaller number but larger and much more efficient turbines the planning application now is to extend the life of the existing turbines for a further 9 years. The latest Climate Change report indicates more strongly than ever that without urgent action now we will never achieve the 1.5 degrees target limit on global warming. If we don’t the predictions for the planet are dire. And yet despite this South Lakes District Council have turned down this application which is now subject to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in January 2019.

Despite every recent survey indicating around 76% public support for onshore wind energy production we see the voices of a minority listened to as if they are the majority opinion. The main argument of the objectors appears to be that retention of these turbines will open the door to the  proposed large electricity pylons in Cumbria. As the turbines have been there already for 25 years this seems tendentious to say the least.

We are running a 38degrees petition to support this application and would urge you to sign up. We already have over 600 people who have done so. Won’t you join them?


Peter Howlett

Ulverston Green Party

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