70 YEARS OLD -  The Inner Wheel Club of Ulverston celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the granting of the Club Charter by holding an Afternoon Tea Party at The Olde Mill, Bardsea, on the 4th September.  President Dot Johnson welcomed 56 members and friends from other Inner Wheel clubs along with special guests Mike Hall, Ulverston Rotary Club President, Margaret McIntyre, 1st vice District Chairman of District 19 and Maureen McArthur, Chairman of the Ulverston Tangent Club. Each person received a red rose and a copy of the poem The Red Rose of Friendship which had been written by the International Inner Wheel President, Britt Fjellander for the 1982 Convention held in Paris.

President Dot also invited Annie Mawson of the Sunbeams Music Trust as the speaker.  Annie has an amazing story to tell about how her Music Trust began and how much it has helped special needs children and adults since it was formed in 1992.  Annie was a special needs teacher at a school which had to close. She met one of her previous pupils who said “We don’t get music any more in the new school.”  Annie felt so sorry for the child as Annie knew how much all the children had loved music. This inspired her to begin Annie Mawson’s Music Trust, the centre being in the Penrith area. Music workshops are held, the trust helps over 1,000  children each month, Annie comes to Kendal every Saturday and Walney every Wednesday for children in those areas and they often give concerts. Annie herself plays the harp and sings which she did at our tea party, singing songs from 70 years ago.  She told the story of one girl who hadn’t spoken for 15 years after being laughed at at school because of her broad Cumbrian accent. The music sessions helped her and despite not having spoken for so long, she suddenly sang quite clearly and gradually did begin to speak again. All the work is voluntary, the centre costing approximately £1,000 a day to run. A most worthwhile project about making life better for the handicapped.

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