A new support group is being set up by the Vision Support Centre in South Cumbria to help people with sight loss who suffer from visual hallucinations.

The condition, called Charles Bonnet Syndrome, causes some people to see images around them which aren’t actually there. It can often be confused with dementia which makes sufferers reluctant to report the symptoms.

It’s caused by the brain adjusting to sight loss and the new group, being run in Ulverston, by the Vision Support Centre team, will offer information and advice on coping strategies.

The Vision Support Team Manager, Maggie Nelson, says:

“People can see anything from flowers growing out of the carpet, to animals on their ceiling, or even a sinister character in their room. It can sometimes be amusing but is often very distressing but we can now offer the first support group of its kind in Cumbria. In addition to advice and information it will be an opportunity for people with the condition to meet and feel they are not alone”.

The first session will be run on 8th November 2017 at the Methodist Church rooms in Neville Street in Ulverston from 1.30-3.30.  

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