Enter If You Dare - the 9th Candlelit Walk

‘Halloween should offer more treat than tricks and what better way to mark the passing of the seasons than with fire - laugh in the face of the night as it closes in for winter’.

500 candles will be filling the woods around Ford Park this Halloween as Ulverston's Candlelit Walk returns on Tuesday October 31st from 6.00 until 8.30 pm. The path beyond the playground will be lit by scented candles and flaming flares thanks once again to donations of scrap wax from Lindal's Wax Lyrical and the labours of the Candlelit Walk volunteers who've been picking wax off their fingers for months.

However, this magical celebration of Halloween is not just a pretty sight, and, not to give too much away, this year's spooky shenanigans embraces the theme The Third Eye. What eyeballs, big and small, will be peeping at you from the trees? And will you be brave enough to join in the Brains Banquet, or watch the spine-chilling film which accompanies it?

As well as these strange and mystical sights, there'll also be the sounds of music with Don't Tell Suzy, Martin Gilbert will be back on the story terrace above the cafe and there will be a fortune teller  this year too!  If you have grown and carved a pumpkin, bring it along to show off your creation in the Pumpkin Patch. Fancy dress is welcome, but the organisers stress, ‘as Madonna and The Incredibles know, NO CAPES or inflammable costumes’. Whatever the weather holds, the entertainments will go ahead, although rain could put out some of the candles later on.

The event is free, with donations buckets so we can get spooked again next year, and the organisers would like to thank the Sir John Fisher Foundation for their grant which has supported more artists and acts this year.

If anyone would like to come and join the crafting for this year's event there's a workshop on October 15 at the Red Rose Club, 2-5pm . Come and snip some peepy eyes to add to the community shadowscreen or or have a go at glass painting to create some eye baubles and jar lights for the trees. All ages welcome though younger ones will need your help with the cutting.

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