Why Advertise with Ulverston Now

Everyone wants to get value for money when they advertise. Dalton & Ulverston Now is a local paper, so you can be sure you are getting your name where it counts – to the people in your area. Local news is irresistible with very high levels of engagement and readership. Adverts only work if the right people see them. Your new Dalton & Ulverston Now community newspaper will be packed full of local news. This means maximum relevant readership  - targeted advertising for local businesses, as well as a valuable local community service. To get your free advert contact our Advertising Manager on 01229 490 000 or email info@ulverstonnow.co.uk.

Delivery by Royal Mail and is guaranteed to go to 100% of letterboxes in our target area.

Please note that prices are all excluding VAT which is charged at the current rate.