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Barnstorming Fund Raising

With the help of toddler Alfie and their four daughters, Jill and Stuart Simpson raised a staggering £6,880.80 for Bay Hospitals Charity’s Bayb’s Maternity Appeal by hosting a barn dance at their High Farm home.

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2223 Ulverston Air Cadets are recruiting

If you are aged 12 (and in year 8) or older, (up to 20 years old)  and are looking for a challenge with an aeronautical theme, then 2223 Ulverston Air Cadets might be what you are looking for.  Part of a nationwide Cadet organisation, founded in 1941 to support the Royal Air Force during World War II, the Air Cadets have a lot to offer young people today, including Flying, Gliding, Shooting, Adventure Training, Map Reading...

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Ford Park Apple Day

By this time of year, those who have apple trees sometimes find they can’t use or give away all their apples, especially if they have limited storage space. As a change from apple crumble, take along your apples and some clean bottles to Ford Park Apple Day on Saturday October 7th. You can have your apples pressed into your very own juice, and then enjoy the music, stalls and other attractions. The day runs from 11.00...

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Autumn Harvest

October is always associated with squirrels hoarding nuts and with animals which hibernate fattening up ready for the winter. The writer John Lewis-Stempel tried to live for a year only on wild food foraged from his small farm, and for October he gives a long list of what was available, including elderberries, haws, hazelnuts, sloes, rosehips, crab apples and sweet chestnuts. Edible fungi also figure on his list

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AboutThe AIMS of the Litfest are to:1] bring published Cumbrian authors together in Dalton to showcase their talents and help other locals improve their own writing. To this end will have performances and workshops in different locations, some free in public and others, for a fee, in specific rooms. 2] bring poetry, story-telling and various genres of writing to the people of Dalton for their enjoyment, enlightenment and education. For this there will be events and competitions in schools aimed...

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When: 4th November 2017 - 4th November 2009, 10 am - 7.30pm

Where: Dalton


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